A Warm Welcome
That you need a village only for the pleasure of leaving!

Immerse yourself with a favorite book, practice yoga, or simply connect with hosts. Monchasha isn't just a stay; it's a nature homestay, a cultural exploration, a chance to embrace village life differently. This hidden gem, not advertised glamorously, is our secret getaway. We, the owners, guide guests personally, fostering a unique bond. Monchasha is for those seeking a break from luxuries, a chance to live amidst nature's tranquility, offering a laid-back and idyllic life.

Experience a calm environment where pleasant weather surrounds cottages embraced by plants and trees. The nearby river shapes a microclimate, distinct from the outside. Monchasha is more than a stay; it's an invitation to a peaceful life, a connection with nature's beauty.

Our Story

A tradition of great hospitality

Our story is about more than a Decade year rich heritage, our stunning natural beauty, true hospitality, and our indelible connection with nature.

Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore said it perfectly when he wrote about GRANDEUR of Rural bengal.....

Our History

A rich heritage

Monchasha Rural Tourism Project is owned and managed by Debjani & Nilanjan – a wonderful couple, totally committed in tourism and to whom tourism is the primary source of identity and also a primary channel for ambition. They work, travel, spend free time, train, create, do nothing or something, experiment together, and share the first-hand knowledge to those who want to start a new venture. Overall, Monchasha Rural Tourism provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience rural life in India while promoting sustainable tourism and supporting local communities. !